Julia Kim experiences a Eucharist Miracle
Naju, Korea
September 22, 1995

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(Ukrainian Catholic)
Apostolic Administrator
Chancery Office

Naju, Korea, September 22, 1995

Sworn Testimony of Witnesses of Miraculous transformation of Consecrated Host and Wine, changing into living and moving flesh and blood, when Julia Kim received Holy Communion during the Celebration of the Eucharist at the open air Mass, celebrated in the field of the valley amidst the mountains outside Naju, at 5 p.m. on September 22, 1995.

I, Bishop Roman Danylak, Apostolic Administrator of the Eparchy of Toronto for Ukrainian Catholics in Toronto, Canada, and titular bishop of Nyssa, herewith solemnly testify that I concelebrated the Divine Liturgy, or Holy Mass, with the Reverend Fathers Aloysius Chang, parish priest of the Kwangju Archdiocese in Korea, invited by me to assist during my visit to Korea; and Joseph Peter Finn, retired priest of the Diocese of London, Canada, on Friday, September 22, at 5 p.m. in an open air celebration on the grounds of the valley where a future church is to be erected, God-willing, to the honour of the Blessed Virgin Mary and Mother of God.

Following the Liturgy of the Word, I delivered a brief homily for the occasion. After the communion of the priests, Fr. Chang and I administered Holy Communion under both species to Julia Kim and the eleven others.. As we continued the distribution of Holy Communion to the others present, we heard a sudden sobbing of one of the women assisting at Mass. The Sacred Host received by Julia was changed to living flesh and blood. Father Joseph Finn , who had remained at the altar during the communion of the faithful, was observing Julia; he noted that at the moment he turned to observe Julia, he saw the white edge of the host disappearing and changing into the substance of living flesh.

Fr. Chang and I returned to Julia. The host had changed to dark red, living flesh and blood flowing from it. After Mass, Julia shared with us that she experienced the Divine Flesh as a thick consistency and a copious flowing of blood, more so than on the occasion of previous miracles of the changing of the host into bleeding flesh. We remained in-silence and prayer; all present had the opportunity of viewing and venerating the miraculous host. After some moments I asked Julia to swallow and consume the host. And after the Mass Julia explained that the Host had become large and fleshy; and that she consumed it with some difficulty.

The taste of blood remained in her mouth for some time. I then asked that she be given a glass of water., from the miraculous source of water nearby. As she drank the waters her finger touched her lips, and a trace of blood was visible on her finger. She rinsed her finger in the water and drank it.

In testimony of this, I append my signature, together with the signatures of all the witnesses present.

Dated at Naju, this 22nd day of September, 1995


Roman Danylak, titular bishop of Nyssa,
Apostolic Administrator, Eparchy of Toronto, Canada.

Joseph P. Finn, Saint Peter's Cathedral Basilica,
London, Ontario, Canada

Rev. Aloysius Chang,
priest of Kwangju Archdiocese.

(Korean signatures of others present)

Raphael Song, Vivianna Cho, Ru Bi No Pork, Bi To Hna


Post Scriptum:
After Mass and thanksgiving, one of the women present, Michaeline from Tejan, gave testimony to a miraculous healing she had experienced at the time of the Consecration at this Mass. Over the previous ten days she had been suffering from intense back and shoulder pains. She was to go to the hospital for medical examination the following Monday. It was she that had cried out suddenly and began to sob, during the time of communion,, when she observed Julia sucking her cheeks when she had received the host and had drunk from the chalice. Michaeline realised that the host was changing in Julia's mouth.

(signed)  + Roman Danylak


Eucharistic Miracle in Naju, South Korea,
September 22, 1995

Testimony of Julia Kim

Bishop Roman Danylak of Toronto, Ontario (Canada) celebrated Mass on the mountain together with Fr. Joseph Peter Finn, S.T.D., from Ontario, Canada, and a Korean priest. Sixteen lay people attended the Mass. We received Communion under both species. The moment I received both species in my mouth, I felt the Host and the Precious Blood become mixed and the Host beginning to swell. At the same time I smelled a strong odour of blood, and the Sacred Host began moving. One of the faithful saw this and reported it to Bishop Danylak. The bishop observed this phenomenon together with the others present.. A while later Bishop Danylak instructed me to swallow the Host. I swallowed the Host with much difficulty, because it had changed into a piece of flesh, and had become larger. We were crying and entered into prayerful meditation; a light came down from heaven and the voice of Jesus, at once warm and loving, and full of dignity and majesty, made itself heard, even though I could not see Him.

Words of Jesus

"My beloved little soul!

The greatest treasure in My Church is My most holy Mother Mary. My Mother is the Queen of the Universe, the Mother of Heaven and also your Mother. This is why My Mother Mary loves you as I have loved you; and she can do anything that I can do, through me and by my grace. Today My Mother, who is the Mother of Heaven and your Mother, and through this my little and inadequate soul (Julia) is now revealing and showing My Heart to a bishop, who seeks to follow Me and My Mother as a child, so that he can make ever more known that I am really present in the Eucharist, the sublime mystery of faith and love.

If my priests, who celebrate Mass daily, would truly believe in and seek to experience this Presence with their whole heart and would live the sublime and marvellous Divine Reality such as it is, innumerable souls would be purified and would live in my merciful heart with a grace that is beyond all expectations.

Make haste to make my real Presence known.

Apostasy and infidelity are bringing this world to the brink of ruin; too many of my representatives continue to sleep. In truth, my representatives even allow themselves to be seduced by false prophets. The present disorders continuously torment me; they rend my heart; they become the lashes that endlessly tear the Sacred and Immaculate Heart of My Mother.

O souls whom I have called! You will experience incomprehension and persecutions within my Church that has been wounded and divided; but I shall always abide in you to encourage and to help you. I shall always remain at your side. You need not fear; but only trust in me and proclaim Me who live in the Eucharist.

There are many priests and a great number of my children who claim to know that I live and breathe in the Eucharist, that I am present body and blood, with my soul and my divinity; but they do not really know me well. They were shown my living presence several times through my little soul (Julia). Notwithstanding this, even now those of my children, who follow Me are very few.

Many ecclesiastics want to make me known through sophisticated arguments and complex reasonings, forgetting the Eucharist, which is My substance, and the sublime simplicity of the Gospels which I proclaim. This is like throwing mud at simple people.

My dearly beloved children, do not reject My plea which I make under this form, Me, who am truly present in the Eucharist.

If people, notwithstanding everything, - do not want to understand the signs (that I am giving), - do not follow My Will to bestow Love upon them, -if they deny the divine character (of God's manifestations) then they will face the wrath of God the Father.

Because My Mother's loving and kind words for the past several centuries have been ignored, sin has reached a saturation point even in the Church.

Make haste to begin living a life of devotion through prayer, sacrifices, penance, so that you may attain the final victory and to make acts of reparation for the most abominable sins of blasphemy that have been committed. And if you follow My Mother Mary in order to restore My honour, that has been trampled upon, you will not be lost even in the dark maze of life in this world. My Mother Mary is the short cut to Me, a shining dawn of My renewed Church, and the ark of a new covenant.

My children who follow and proclaim My messages, Proclaim me, and as you pray do not worry about what your critics may think. Their thoughts will dispel as quickly as clouds in the sky, when the hand of God rests over you.

I bless you and all those who are dear to you."

Julia Kim

September 23, 1995


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